Welcome to the world of 'Cooks' by the artist William Balthazar Rose

William Balthazar Rose's 'Cooks' series has been purchased worldwide by professional cooks and chefs (including Michelin star chefs), discerning art collectors as well as private art buyers.

William's timeless, theatrical and mesmerizing artwork speaks to food and art lovers and can be found hung in kitchens and dining rooms in many private homes around the world as well as restaurants, hotels and public spaces internationally.

In this site you'll see two types of William's work in the 'Cooks' series: Light Cooks and Dark Cooks. Just like the kitchen essential 'light and dark soy sauce', both are delicious, it is simply a question of personal taste and preference.

Light Cooks: These are William's traditional cooks paintings which work in any setting and offers a witty and dramatic focus and provides a perfect statement piece for any room. If you enjoy hosting dinner parties, light cooks will provide instant drama and discussion for your guests.

Dark Cooks: In Dark Cooks you'll find a more mature, darker, tripple-x type of art. A 50-shades of grey type of painting... art which takes its starting point from the movie 'The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover'. This kinky art gets deeper and darker and brings in touches of religion, S&M and carnival.

Whether your taste is the lighter cooks or darker cooks, we hope you'll find a piece which works for you.

Each painting for sale in this site is an original and one off. William frequently adds new pieces for sale which are listed in the Latest Art for Sale pages.

If you would like to learn more about his work or buy one of his artworks, please get in touch.

‘God made food, the devil (MADE) The cooks’: James Joyce