William Balthazar Rose is as much an art historian as he is artist. With both parents artists and his father also a Professor of Art History, William was exposed to the alluring world of art from an very early age.

William's rich knowledge and love of art shines through in his paintings and his numerous influences help him create his own unmistakable style. A style which has been described as 'slow art' in a fast world.

William has spent an equal amount of time living in the US, UK and Italy, and again, all of these experiences are brought to fore in his paintings, with perhaps Venetian Italy having the strongest influence in his Cooks series.

William has exhibited around the world and his paintings bought by many high profiles individuals.

Many of the private collectors of William’s work prefer to remain anonymous. They include members of the British aristocracy, celebrities and leaders in the international business community.

William's key influences which can be seen in his work are: Cezanne, Goya, Balthus, Morandi and Piero Della Francesca.

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There are two sides to the artist William Balthazar Rose. There is William, a sensitive, intelligent, knowledgeable, erudite, caring and charming artist.

Then there is the Balthazar, the extravagant, over the top, loud showman painter.

One man. Two artists.