Dark Cooks

Here are some examples of William's 'Dark Cooks'.

In Dark Cooks, William's art takes a darker, more twisted turn.

The pursuit of perfection as a cook comes at a personal cost and the cook descends into a world of depravity and debauchery.

Here in William's work you'll find undertones of religion, naked or semi-naked women, sex, masked parties and even horse heads. William refers to this art as Carnival. The cook always present together with his own demons and vices.

In these paintings, the cook who is usually hidden away, working hard 'behind the scenes' in the kitchen, now finds himself 'front of house' -- possibly at the party he was cooking for. The cook (or his alter ego) has stepped through the looking glass into a kinky, weird, alternative and extravagant world of carnival -- and is enjoying himself.

If this art is too dark for you, look away now!

NB. The artwork in this page is all sold. Click here for William's latest art for sale.

There are two sides to the artist William Balthazar Rose... William and Blathazar.