Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit is not for everybody. It’s not the sort of artwork you hang in your living room and proudly show your Grandma. In fact, it’s too big for most living rooms, standing 8 foot tall and 4 foot wide.

In forbidden fruit, William’s art just got bigger, weirder and more expensive.

At the same time, his audience of buyers just got smaller.

The buyer of Forbidden Fruit will not be your typical art collector, but a more selective individual... an individual who appreciates the complexity -- some may say depravity -- of William’s work who understands the subtle and not so subtle interpretations of religion, sexuality and food.

There are two sides to the artist William Balthazar Rose. There’s William, and then there’s Balthazar. This artwork is very much a gift from Balthazar. It goes deeper into the complex and dark mind of a ‘well traveled and well lived’’ artist to produce a mesmerising piece which is hard to take your eyes off.

The piece screams of excess, exuberance, sin and immorality.

If you are looking for virtuous art, this is not for you, This is sinful art. But it is beautiful art which captivates you, grabs you and stops you in your tracks and compels you to understand more about the world the cook has moved into.

As the buyer of Forbidden Fruit, you may keep the artwork hidden away in a private room... behind a curtain… as if you have just wandered into a Japanese Adult Video store and walked to the back of the shop, through the curtain divider where the ‘under the counter’ material lives.

Or you may hang it proud and centre in your home in the hills of Los Angeles or grand Paris apartment where this larger than life work looks understated in your larger than life home.

Either way, as the new owner of Forbidden Fruit, you should know the story behind it.

Here goes…

Every painting by William has a starting point, a nugget, a seed, a point of inspiration from which the magic flows.

In the case of Forbidden Fruit, the starting point was Picasso's Guitars.

William took that inspiration and let his imagination run wild.

What comes next is hard to fathom, but some things we know.

We know for example the person playing the guitar is the 'alter ego'.

What exactly does 'alter ego' mean?

When William is pressed for explanation (or should we say when the more temperamental Balthazar is pressed for explanation), we find that there is no definitive answer.

Perhaps the alter ego is the Chef under the horse's head playing the guitar.

Perhaps the alter ego is the artist - Balthazar himself.

Or perhaps the alter ego is you, the viewer, or the owner of Forbidden Fruit

Whoever it is, the alter ego finds themselves in a extraordinary place surrounded by naked beautiful women. Naked that is, but for the Chef's hat -- as clearly the Chef's presence is felt in Forbidden Fruit.

What is the forbidden fruit?

Again, when pressed by Balthazar, the answer again is for you to decide. Is it the apple resting on the platter, or something else?

This is a quite remarkable work of art, which could come straight from an x-rated Lewis Carol poem.... and whilst the size and scale of the piece is reflected in the size and scale of the price of the artwork, we are also confident that this formidable piece of art will deliver a sizable return on your investment over the long term.

Forbidden fruit is not for everybody, but whoever buys this work will enjoy the fruits of Balthazar's extraordinary mind. And the only thing which will be forbidden will be other people owning the one-off piece, other that you.