Force Fed

In Force Fed, our attention is drawn to the two western looking cooks who are trying to feed the man in blue.

Possibly they are trying to force-feed cake to the man, in the same way western society force feeds consumerism to into our lives.

Does the man in blue need more cake?

Who is the man in blue?

Is he you -- the consumer?

Are you being force fed products? Are you being bombarded with marketing messages? Do you need more stuff in your life?

These are themes the artist wants us to consider.

Also in the painting are two standing men, dressed in the colours of red, white and blue. The colours of the US, of France, of the UK -- of the consumer driven West.

You'll notice these two men are set further back than the cooks in the near ground and are looking in the distance -- to the East?

Do they know what is coming in the future? Or perhaps who is coming in the future? China? Chinese brands?

Could the two men represent Western companies who are looking on the horizon at Chinese competitors expanding into the West?

The familiar 'big man' sits in the middle of the picture -- making us think.

What should we think about?

Perhaps our own appetite for consumerism?

Possibly where our goods come from?

Maybe the impact of consumerism on our own (and China's) lives and society as a whole.