The Presentation

In The Presentation, two western chefs are seen presenting framed portraits to an eastern looking man.

We are not sure if these are the only two portraits being presented, or if there are others waiting in the wings. It seems the eastern man could be looking to purchase one of the western portraits.

When seen through the lens of the West to East collection and global trade, we see the West presenting their goods to the East. Perhaps this represents US based IBM presenting their computer division to Hong Kong/China based Lenovo for purchase. An acquisition which happened in 2005, followed by the acquisition by Lenovo of US based Motorola mobile phones division in 2012.

Perhaps the presentation is for GE Appliances who were bought by Chinese based Haier Group in 2016.

Or perhaps the presentation is for a myriad of other US companies/brands which have been (and continue to be) purchased by Chinese companies.

In years gone by, China was renowned for copying US and western products. These days however, China and the East are renowned for their pioneering technologies and of course, their financial might which allows them to purchase outright the companies they once admired.

In the West to East series, US Brands are being acquired by Chinese companies, and Chinese brands which were once unheard of in the US and West are now becoming global household names.