The Red Table

The Red Table is another highly significant painting in William's West to East series.

In the painting you can see two Western chefs standing face-to-face over a red table with a cupcake resting between them.

Their conversation is quite animated and it appears the cupcake is relevant to their discussion.

Another chef is carrying a cupcake on a plate and exiting the picture to stage right, possibly taking it to a customer.

In William’s world the cupcake signifies consumerism and the painting suggests the western chefs are discussing a consumer product.

Interestingly the chefs are resting upon a red table. In the painting, this red table signifies China (the East).

The red table is supporting the Western chefs and the cupcake, in the same way Chinese businesses support Western businesses.

Just think of how the Chinese manufacturing company Foxconn supports Apple by making phones and computers for them.

The West heavily relies on the support of the East for their manufacturing and assembly.

This painting gives a nod to that intertwined relationship.