West to East

An 11 minute introduction to the West to East Collection.

Welcome to William's new West to East collection which offers an interesting take on the rise of China and Asia in the global economy.

The series is told through the eyes of the chef -- and incorporates William's signature 'cooks' style.

For many centuries the West (namely the Americas, Europe and Australasia) has been the dominant force in global trade, however in recent years, the East (principally China) has seen higher levels of economic growth.

As the East rises, the West becomes over reliant on the East... many believe at it's own cost.

William's West to East collection offers a starting point for discussion on the transfer of global power from the USA to China. In this series, William explores how consumerism has contributed to this tilt in power.

Each 'cooks' painting is open to further interpretation and discussion, but in the accompanying text we offer a starting point and clues for you to understand the paintings with reference to consumerism and the shift in global power.

The West to East paintings are available as an entire collection (six paintings). Pricing by inquiry.

A good place to start with the collection is the 11 minute video above, or to read this article about the West to East collection on Supchina.com

For more details about each painting in the collection, please click on the links below:

William's painting reference Alibaba vs Amazon, Tencent vs Facebook, Bidu vs Google. The East rising at the expense of the west. The West's over-reliance on the East. The East waiting to take the big prize.